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Version: 0.4.x

Getting Started

react-native-sticky-parallax-header is a simple React Native library, enabling to create a fully custom header for your iOS and Android apps.


react-native-sticky-parallax-header ships with 3 different use cases for sticky headers and a possibility to create fully custom header!

Tabbed HeaderAvatar HeaderDetails Header
Tabbed Header GifAvatar Header GifDetails Header Gif

In Use

Predefined headers can be accessed through headerType="HeaderName" property, each header can be configured according to your demands using the wide amount of properties. You can change all of them, or use it right out of the box with as little changes as possible to use it for your needs

This is how you can add them in your app:

import * as React from 'react'
import StickyParallaxHeader from 'react-native-sticky-parallax-header'

const TestScreen = () => (
<StickyParallaxHeader headerType="TabbedHeader" />
{/* <StickyParallaxHeader headerType="AvatarHeader" /> */}
{/* <StickyParallaxHeader headerType="DetailsHeader" /> */}